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Evangelism Resources
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A Happy FishWelcome to the Tellout evangelism resources toolbox for Churches, Christians and others interested in Christianity. Here are three eBook Bible studies and other resources for you to try. Go to the "next" page link for more Bible study books! Tellout is currently read in 39 languages in 93 countries worldwide! In this toolbox too is the first of 24 videos on children's' ministry.

Bible Study

You Tube IntroductionTellout was launched in 2000 and currently contains 1372 pages and 1939 images in 11 ebooks and 17 blogs on a variety of Biblical subjects. We also have 24 short videos at Tellout Online about Sunday School Ministry. All pages are validated to WC3 standards as HTML5 and CSS level 2.1 and 3, which are the very latest and fastest of all formats. This website service is completely without cost to users and free of all adverts.

Tellout Resources

Our pages are now set up for mobile devices such as iPhones 6, 5 and 4, Galaxy S5, Lumia 920, Galaxy Note 4 and 11, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab, Android, iPad Air and certain Kindle devices using mobile screens. Today's feature page is The Meaning and Symbolism of Biblical Colors from the detailed Bible study of Revelation called "Revelation Now." We value any comments or suggestions you may have at Contact Us. Also find us on . Happy reading.

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