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Evangelism Resources Pages

Bible Studies

Happy FishWelcome to this evangelism resources pages toolbox for Christians, Churches, and others interested in the Christian Faith. Here are several eBook Bible studies and other interesting pages for you to study. Go to the page link Next for more information on ebooks! In this toolbox is a set of 24 videos about children's ministry.

Christian Comments
Guide 9 Pages
The Mystical Body of Christ
Bible Study 37 Pages
Biography 123 Pages
Revelation Now
Bible Study 401 Pages
Bible Study 28 Pages
The Household of Faith
Growth Program 120 Pages
HiVu Photos Galleries
Antique Images 110 Pages
The Evangelism Handbook
Ministry Workbook 219 Pages
The Demographic Shift
Demographics Study 26 Pages
Journey into Life
What is a Christian? 3 Pages


You Tube IntroductionHere are a number of interesting evangelism resources for the Christian and the Church.Tellout was launched in the year 2000 and currently contains 862 pages and 1919 images in 11 ebooks, 24 videos, and 17 blogs. It features a variety of Biblical evangelism resources, Bible studies, church growth, spirituality and covers other subjects of interest. All pages are validated to the best WC3 standards with HTML5 and CSS level 3 which are the fastest of formats available. This website is completely without cost to users and free of all adverts and pop-ups. The evangelism resources pages are now set up for most mobile devices and are continually being updated and improved. Tellout is currently read in over 22 languages in 158 countries worldwide!

Early Church History

Dear AnnieTellout evangelism resources have been written and compiled over a thirty-plus year Christian ministry in England and Canada. They contain many inspirational quotes, sermon illustrations, Bible studies, notes on early church history and devotional stories. Some of these resources are pure Bible Studies to encourage and edify. Others are commentaries on church growth issues. These resources seek to answer such questions as "what if God was one of us" and "what is love" and to tackle some of the important and pressing issues for Christians in our modern Church and Society.

Bible Studies

Open BookThere are several ebooks on this website. In 1982, "The Evangelism Handbook" was published in paperback in Canada and is reproduced in full here. It contains many practical insights, evangelism talks and other resources some light-hearted and others serious for the ordinary Christian person and the specialist evangelist. "Journey into Life" is an ebook also published here with the gracious permission of the British publisher and author.

Mystical Body of Christ
(37 Pages) Study 1

Ontario RiverThe Mystical Body of Christ program explores during a study day the Biblical concept of the Body of Christ. Saint Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12.12-14, "Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. For we were all baptized by one Spirit to form one body — whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free — and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. Even so, the body is not made up of one part but of many. The Mystical Body comes in several forms in and beyond the church. This section explores and applies these principles to personal and church life.

Study Tool

FishermanThe Mystical Body Principles seminar can be used as a study tool to explore the Biblical concept of the church as the Mystical Body in its several forms. The study group can then apply these principles to their personal lives and their church life. The Early Church model of the Mystical Body is based upon Christian households in the Roman Empire and is an effective and relevant way for ministry to grow in the Third Millennium.

The Kingdom of God

The mystical body is to be found in small groups, institutions, denominations, and individuals who move the kingdom of God towards the great vision of the universal, global and heavenly future kingdom. Some of the more popular pages and subjects covered in this study include String Theory Heaven. "The Mystical Body" is my attempt over 159 pages to expand upon the Christian Biblical concept of the Body of Christ.

The Household of Faith
(209 Pages) Study 2

Household Faith Diagram"The Household of Faith" is a new approach to church growth based on the Early Church model of the extended Christian household. This program is intended to bring in individuals and to train and nourish Christians. It is mandated to divide and double its membership every two years. It is a model of relational evangelism and depends on friendships developed for its growth. This section includes characteristics and organization, worship models, and a reflection on the Early Church record. It explains how to set up a Household Faith, the Household Faith Covenant, how to run the Household of Faith, and worship alternatives and resources. Saint Paul writes in Galatians 6.10 "So then, as we have an opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." (English Standard Version)

Journey into Life
(12 Pages) Study 3

Sucker Fish"Journey into Life" explains simply how a person can become a Christian and live the Christian life. This booklet is reproduced with the kind permission of the author, N. L. Warren. The publisher is Kingsway Press in the United Kingdom.✞

HiVu Photos Galleries
(110 Pages) Study 4

The "HiVu Photos Gallery" shows more than a hundred unique First Nations Lantern Slide images dating from 1870 to 1910. Our special feature grapples with the intriguing question as to when Jesus began his ministry in Historical Jesus Christ.

The Demographic Shift
(27 Pages) Study 5

Congregation in Church"The Demographic Shift" shows how and why the institutional church in North America is shrinking due to the beliefs and characteristics of both the Baby Boomers and the Elders in the population as well as the corrupting internal beliefs and secular forces in society. The "Canada's Twelve Tribes" program is ideal as a presentation and discussion starter for Management Boards. It is designed to help church leaders become more aware of the needs and characteristics of the Elders, the Baby Boom Generation, the X and Y Generations and the Millenniums in today's society. It teaches them how to do successful evangelism amongst these groups.

Millennium Generation

Areas of the BrainA presentation for Management Boards on the Baby Boom and the Millennium Generation designed to make them more aware of the needs and characteristics of the Elders, these groups and the X Generation in today's society. Appropriate strategies are developed for the Church as the Body of Christ to attract and reach each generation in the light of the Demographic Shift in 2017 AD.

Demographic Research

This day-long event focuses on the changing character of Canadians at the beginning of the Third Millennium. Using the latest in demographics research, it seeks to understand the twelve tribes encompassed by the Elders (Playing by the Rules), the Baby Boom Generation (Breaking the Mould), the Generation Xers (Hotwired) and the newest In understanding the characteristics of each group, we can then redirect some of the energies of the church to meet their needs. Material for this course is drawn from the book, "Half the Congregation" by Robert McGribbon of The Alban Institute, "Sex in the Snow," "Better Happy than Rich" by Michael Adams and "Boom, Bust, and Echo," by David K. Foot. Also used in these pages were Statistics Reports for Canada 1991, 1996, 2001, and "Restless Gods" by Reginald Bibby and several other related sources.

Christian Comments
(9 Pages) Study 6

Whispering EarThe Christian evangelism comments page offers a selection of resources for Christians and churches including an exploration of Charles Darwin's Spirituality. It includes a section on the authorship of the Tellout website, a letter from Ron on his approach, and vocation and on ministry in Myanmar and Kenya. Some of the comments from various contributors are also printed. This Tellout site link index page has links to other Biblical Christian sites dealing with various aspects of evangelism and resources for webmasters.

(123 Pages) Study 7

World from Space"Glory" is the fascinating autobiography of the American Church Army evangelist Captain Ray Lewis. "The Household of Faith" program was commissioned jointly by the Church Army in Canada and The Anglican Diocese of Toronto to provide a program of relational evangelism for the Church.

The Evangelism Handbook
(219 Pages) Study 8

The "Evangelism Handbook" is a practical workbook for those involved in Christian ministry first published in 1982 and updated regularly since on the internet. The challenge of evangelism in the church today is whether to put one's energies into evangelizing and survive like the humans did or fossilize like the dinosaur.

Revelation Now
(401 Pages) Study 9

World Globes"Revelation Now" is a verse by verse expository Bible study of the Biblical Book of Revelation. The Revelation prophet John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, recounts these wonderful things in a vision as an encouragement to the Christian church.

(28 Pages) Study 10

"Brothers" is a series of Biblical studies on the relationship between Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit Jesus relationship and how that bond affects Christians is vitally important to Christian growth and maturity today.

Special Feature

Our special feature page highlights an often asked question about Unique Personal Names from the detailed Bible study called The Mystical Body of Christ. We value any comments or suggestions you may have at Contact Us. Happy reading and God bless you!

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